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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Idlewild, United States

Guided Idlewild Bike Tour

Guided Idlewild Bike Tour - Idlewild, Michigan

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: Idlewild, Michigan

From USD

Historical Idlewild Tours and Services (HITS) presents a guided bike tour of Idlewild, MI. Join this 90 minute¬†experience in Idlewild, the Black Eden and African American Mecca ... More info ›

Historical Idlewild Tours and Services (HITS) presents a guided bike tour of Idlewild, MI. Join this 90 minute experience in Idlewild, the Black Eden and African American Mecca. HITS explores the Deep and Rich history of Idlewild and the folklore of the African American community. Tours are led by Idlewild Native, Historian, and Educator Micala D. Cochran, who brings over 12 years of Idlewild research and four generations of family experiences in Idlewild to her storytelling business.

Your tour group meets in the parking lot of the Idlewild Post Office in the heart of Downtown Idlewild. The tour begins with a walk (or ride) around downtown Idlewild exploring Dr. Daniel Hale Williams' resort home, the Idlewild Chamber of Commerce, Tabernacle AME Church, and the Historic Red Rooster Bar and Grill.  
The group pushes off and is safely guided around Idlewild Lake, starting at Williams Island. Here you will see unmarked and parked historical properties. Then you will head around toward the Idlewild DNR Access Park. Here, you will stop for a break. A restroom and water pump are available to refresh. It is suggested to bring a water bottle to experience the cold natural spring water of Idlewild.
The tour continues through paradise gardens subdivision pointing out historical sites and key marks of the beautiful Idlewild community.
The tour will end at one of several locations. This is to be determined by the tour guide at the time of the tour.

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